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Sweater-land (afgan=sweater and istan=land)
I went to sweater-land over the weekend
by The it June 22, 2005
A penis-sized nipple; referring to the sausage-sized nipples that African women had before Columbus brought them to America. Do not be confused with pepperoni nipples, which are larger in diameter but they do not extend as far as pipples.
I sucked on those pipples all day long!
by The It March 10, 2016
Quite like the common term "scapegoat," a scapegina is a woman's ability to blame a bad attitude on her period allowing her to yell at her boyfriend, fiancé, or husband and refuse him sex for the better part of a week or more.
A scapegina is when a woman is unusually or unfairly mean to you when she is about to be or on her period.
#period #women #scapegoat #rude #girlfriend #wife
by The It July 16, 2015
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