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Contraceptive. Condom. Sheath.
Look, love, I have super duper baby gravy. I need to put on a nodder whether you like it or not.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
A person with an huge sexual appetite combined with an irresistable attractiveness to the opposite sex. Normally said with arms spread wide to denote an albatross's huge wingspan. First coined in 'Bottom' starring Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall.
Take me now baby, I'm a love albatross.
by The Strut September 29, 2004
Cockney rhyming slang for beef curtains. The area directly surrounding the entrance to the vagina.
That girl last night had keith burtons like a blood hound's face.
by The Strut October 11, 2004
Very hairy female genitalia. Generally found to be unkempt and untrimmed.
Oh my Buddha, she's got a mott like a witch's cat.
by The Strut September 29, 2004
To pull birds does not mean 'to look at the ladies'. Obviously MoonKnight has never been with a girl if that is his definition. Pull birds means more than check them out it means cop off with them.
"I've not had a bit of action for a while."
"Don't worry, mate I'll wing man for you."
"Great, let's get out and pull some birds."
by The Strut October 13, 2004
1. Found in Northern parts of England. Is the fatty juice of meat, sometimes eaten on white bread.

2. Result of getting a girl stimulated.
1. "Here you go love, get yer laughing tackle round that. Bread and dripping."

2. "Here you go love, get yer laughing tackle round that. I'm dripping."
by The Strut October 25, 2004
One of the inbred natives of Shaw, near Oldham, UK. Features include varying numbers of fingers, toes, limbs and eyes. A 'Gorby Virgin' defined as someone faster than their uncle.
Royton Man #1, "I once went out with a girl from Shaw. She took me back to her house and said, 'This is me mam and sister'. There was only one person stood there."
Royton Man #2, "Fucking Gorbies."
by The Strut September 29, 2004

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