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Outstanding, epic, skiing and or snowboarding conditions, both during and after a major snow event. Blower skiing and riding is specific to powder snow conditions, but the term is sometimes used in a general sense to describe an amazing ski or snowboarding experience.
The blower skiing conditions from that last storm cycle makes me wanna give up the day job!
by The Snow Prophet May 11, 2010
The event resulting when a skier blows out of both ski bindings at the heel pieces in a forward fall.
Shit son, I stuffed my ski tips into that bump and had a double heel ejection.

The powder was so deep, my skis went submarine and I did a double heel ejection.
by The Snow Prophet May 12, 2010
A ski tech describes a person working in a ski shop, turning screws. Ski techs are specially trained in work relating to hard goods such as, skis, ski bindings, ski boots and other technical ski related products.

Ski techs are also skilled at ski tuning, ski boot fitting, ski binding adjustment and ski equipment repairs.
The ski tech at Pepi's Ski Shop sold me a new pair of ski boots and tuned my old skis for a really killer deal.
by The Snow Prophet May 12, 2010
A negative response to another skier or snowboarder cutting you off and skiing the line you were getting ready to ride.
That jerk poached my line and tracked-up all that fresh pow just as I was getting ready to drop-in!

Hey, you just poached my line ass-wipe! Find your own line to ski.
by The Snow Prophet May 13, 2010
The phrase used to describe one's intention to ski or snowboard at the Steamboat Ski Resort located on Mt. Werner Cr in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Ya wanna go ski the Boat next weekend and then go cougar hunting at The Tugboat Saloon afterwards?
by The Snow Prophet May 12, 2010
A ski quiver refers to a skier's collection of ski gear. A ski quiver can be anywhere from one to fifty pairs, or more, of skis or ski boots, depending on the indivdual's point of view.
I just waxed my ski quiver and all five pair of skis are ready for winter.
by The Snow Prophet May 11, 2010
Verb: Refers to the actions of a group of skiers that existed beginning in the late 1970's until the early 1990's and were avid backcountry and extreme skiers who ventured into out of bounds ski terrain in search of powder.

The best known group of hairbag'r(s) skied the upper elevations of North West Colorado and explored areas above timberline on extremely steep slopes prone to avalanches.
We're going hairbag'n today so be sure to bring your avalanche beacon, rescue shovel and avy probe.
by The Snow Prophet May 11, 2010

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