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A female in full or part time education.
"Hello, I'm a school-girl."
by The Seventh Si March 04, 2004
Small, pencil thin line of facial hair on the chin.

Made famous by footballer Robert Pires.
A: Wow, look at that guy's Pires beard.

B: Yep
by The Seventh Si December 12, 2003
The Independent State of Wallgaria, located near Hemel Hempstead, several miles from London. It's attractions include The Tomb of the Tyrozets, Shwan Jalal and Ben's insults.
A: Shall we go to Wallgaria?

B: Yep.
by The Seventh Si February 04, 2004
To Will Self, i.e.

a)to be a complete legend, hilarious and know every word in the dictionary.

b)to speak in a terrifically deadpan, smokers drawl and appear on "Shooting Stars"
A - I cannot believe you're defining someone so coruscating and whimsical within the confines of such a minute oblong!

B - What?
by The Seventh Si January 06, 2005
1)A mallet, or other hammer-like object used to inflict pain upon a willing BDSM participant.

2)Critical phrase used in the world-wide chart-topping song "Hit Me With Your Bondage Mallet". (It's nice to be a lunatic, hit me, hit me.)
A - Hit me with your bondage mallet?

B - Yup
by The Seventh Si December 29, 2004
Common slang meaning "For sure my fellow Wallgarian"
A - "Go to Tom's ass?"

B - "Fo shizzle my wallgarianizzle"
by The Seventh Si August 10, 2004
Exclamation of surprise/mocking originating around the Wallgarian locale.

Often accompanied by a loud "Baaah!".
"Oh benders! BAAAAAH!"
by The Seventh Si August 10, 2004
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