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You don't fuck with the Juggernaut because he's the Juggernaut Bitch!
*Juggernaut busts through the door*

I'm The Juggernaut Bitch!
by The Real Jink June 05, 2006
A Backpacker has NOTHING to do with an over obsessive love for the Hip-Hop label Definitive Jux nor are they in any way associated with Hipsters. A Backpacker is just a person who think Rap and Hip-Hop are two different genres. Thinking Rap is about self indulgent wanna be gangstas with a need to show of their shopping list and contribute nothing to the music industry but their idiotic "thug life" ideals. They put all forms of support into Hip-Hop and just love good music in general.

They also love all/participate in all/most sub-cultures of Hip-Hop including the main five elements: Emceeing, DeeJaying (Turntabilism), Graffiti, B-Boying (Breakdancing), and Beatboxing.

And a Backpacker has nothing to do with a persons skin color. Its ignorance like that that belittles the social advances of the last 30 years. Stop listening to your racist redneck father.
Hip-Hop head conscious of the corrupt Rap world = Backpacker

by The Real Jink April 01, 2006
The member of your family that is most likley to come into your bedroom in the middle of the night and show you his penis.
Uncle Bob: Hey Jimmy wake up.
Jimmy: What is it Uncle Bob?
Uncle Bob: I got a present for you, but it's in my pants. You have to fish it out.
by The Real Jink July 11, 2006
A term that refers to when a guy tucks his dick in his ass and it becomes a tootsie (roll)
My dick smells from always doing the tootsie
by The Real Jink April 19, 2006
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