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A slang used by idiots who do not realize the term is scapegoat

Somehow, this slang is becoming popular and I'm hearing it more and more. Please, stop the ignorance.
"I felt like the escape goat!!"
"You mean scapegoat, you dimwit!"
by The Queen Of Chodes January 02, 2005
Younger sister to Jessica Simpson, proud mama to what I assume is a music career and a movie appropriately titled "Wannabe." Let's not forget the infamous SNL incident, and judging from the amount of press it's getting... I think I can safely say her star status is going down the crapper. Please, God, make it so!
"That Ash Simpson is the human equivilant to shit"

"You're just like Ashlee, you emo poser!"
by The Queen Of Chodes January 02, 2005
A stupid but loveable and hilarious character heavily featured on toothpastefordinner.com

-Having the characteristics of
"You are such a 'tard sometimes. You remind me of robarb!"
by The Queen Of Chodes November 14, 2004
The Occurance Of Feces During A Fart
"Dude That Was A Wet Florch..."
"Should I Check?"
by The Queen Of Chodes September 25, 2004
A penis that's wider than it is long

Which, really, is just plain fucking hilarious
"My boyfriend was talking about his dick last night, he said it's real wide... even wider than long"
"You lazy eyed virgin! He's got a chode!"
by The Queen Of Chodes November 14, 2004
Full of ugly.

Mainly used to refer to females.
"Man, that chick's got ugly written all over her!"
"Yeah, she's real brutiful!!"
by The Queen Of Chodes November 11, 2004
Fag backwards

The terms are similar but gaf is never used to describe homosexuality but to describe being lame
"I've decided to spell my name with an exclamation point, M!ke"
"You are such a gaf"
"You are so effing gaffy!"
by The Queen Of Chodes October 28, 2004
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