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Slowness in an online game because of a bad server, or an over-abundance of people using it.
Uber-l33t-noobzorman: "OMFG damn lag... a poring just killed me..."
Me: "dude... you just suck."
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
Mindless Self Indulgence, the best band ever... calls their music "industrial-jungle-pussy-punk" fucking crazy beasts. main singer once pulled his dick out of his pants and lit it on fire during a concert.
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
see gyah, only more exasperated.
gyeh... i dunno, just gerrof me, cuz.
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
a term that can be used for anything, much like meh, but always exclaimed. can be used in a derogatory manner, a complementary manner, can mean a crazy person, can mean a lot.
"dude... what a BEAST!"
"omg... my bus driver's a fuckin beast"
"dude... you're a fuckin beast"
"omg, beast! you fuckin suck!"
"dude... fuckin... she's not hot, she's beastly!"
"dude... what a beast! he could squeeze you to death with his pinky!"
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
meh, in short is the best word ever... can be used as an exclamation, an explanation, a show of disrespect, or anything else...
nerd, to me: "I just humped someone last night"
me: "MEH!!! that's crazy... wierd... seriously, that's just freakish"
someone else: "how'd you manage that?"
me: "meh..."
my mom: "go to your room!"
me: "meh..."

"omg meh!!!!!!!!!"
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
basically the same as meh, except more used for stalling long enough to find words...
"gyah... I love you both, but she's hotter, yo"
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
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