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The term used most commonly as an uncontrollable response to the act of gyration against one's hip area.
"Gyah" said the man as the bitch smashed her hips against him, booty poppin.
by Liquidity January 27, 2009
can be spelled "gaw", if you say it that way, but it has the same effect. it's kinda like saying geez or boy.
Gyah, I'm tired.
by Maggie April 13, 2004
Used concurrently with a ninja attack.
Gyah! Now you're going to die.
by Your Dead God June 08, 2006
basically the same as meh, except more used for stalling long enough to find words...
"gyah... I love you both, but she's hotter, yo"
by The Ownage February 24, 2005

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