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Wongy has roamed the Earth for several Billion years.

Wongy is known for his innate lust for sexual relations with strips of bacon.

He is also known for his senoir management position at 'City Wok' (Chinese pronunciation of 'City Wok': "Shitty Rok")
But recently Wongy has moved over to City Wok Airlines.
"Shitty Rok Airrines".
Wongy stands outside City Wok waiting for some food scraps.
by The Notorious MrSpagBoll August 11, 2012
Hannah Perks is a mythical creature who has lived on the Earth for billions of years.

Hannah's main interests are gaming, making love to lamp posts and touching up old men.

Hannah can't attract any male species her age so she targets the older generation among her species.
The Hannah Perks dwells the depths of Soho.
by The Notorious MrSpagBoll August 10, 2012
Count Sidius is based off a graphic novel called 'HelpfulShaun' wrote by Shaun Smith.
Count Sidius plagued the inter-webs with his awful tutorials and guides. Not to mention his bloody 'let's plays' and when I mean bloody, I mean shit.

The reasoning behind CountSidius' awful tutorials & guides is due to his inability to pronounce the letter 'R'.
Count Sidius: Instead of saying "Crafting" with the correct pronunciation of the 'R' he will instead choose the bizarre pronunciation "Cwafting".
by The Notorious MrSpagBoll August 07, 2012

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