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Verb: The act of picking a woman up by her booty and forcibly shoving her against the wall for the act of lovemaking. Usually preformed with the females legs wrapped around the vin diesel 'er for added support and utility. This practice was made famous from the first Fast and Furious movie.
First male: "Hey bro my girl came over last night and as she walked in i totally Vin Diesel'ed her without saying hi!"

Second male: "Awesome!"
by The Neepshow January 16, 2012
Noun- {Num-eh-face}
1. An addendum to the term dsl, a phrase often used to describe a womans entire facial structure and general nummyness of the face. Used as a term of endearment by the more goofy couples, this term has been put into conversations since the ancient Mayan times.
Man 1 "Damn bro-asaurus look at the dsl's on that chica!"

Man 2 "Bro-chino she positively is all Nummyface for sure"
by The Neepshow January 17, 2012

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