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Noun- {Num-eh-face}
1. An addendum to the term dsl, a phrase often used to describe a womans entire facial structure and general nummyness of the face. Used as a term of endearment by the more goofy couples, this term has been put into conversations since the ancient Mayan times.
Man 1 "Damn bro-asaurus look at the dsl's on that chica!"

Man 2 "Bro-chino she positively is all Nummyface for sure"
by The Neepshow January 17, 2012
When two people of the opposite sex like each other very much and can see a bright future together are talking about nothing in particular just making conversation, and one of them interrupts and just says "You're such a Nummyface." Usually this word will cause the interrupted person to just smile really big, and start flirting more with you.
Girl: "So I was at the mall and was looking at some new lingerie line from Victoria's Secret and imagining myself in the sexy outfits....."

Guy: "You're such a Nummyface"

Girl: "No, actually, you sir are the Nummyface"
by Chame1eon January 17, 2012
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