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The bastardisation of two words: "fuck" and "tard" - the latter being a shortened version of "retard", a derogatory word to decribe those with lesser mental ability. In use, it is an insult that can usually express two emotions at once - complete fustration and disbelief. Frustration at the stupidity of someone, and disbelief that yes, they are actually that stupid.
"He is such a fucking fucktard!"
Insult thought of by Mark on Peep Show, when trying to think of ways to enrage a driver enough to run him over - thus avoiding his wedding to Sophie.
"You're an utter jizz cock."
Derogatory insult, used in Peep Show by Mark when he couldn't think of anything more appropriately enraging to call a driver when trying to get run over to avoid his wedding to Sophie.
"You're a piss-kidney."
The removal of a man's flabby woman-esque breasts, via the means of cosmetic surgery.
"Rob looks hot now that he got his remoobal."
Where you're desperate to swear, but can't form the words, and so use the first thing that pops into your head.
"Pobum" - when trying to say "Fuck you."

"Spatula Corsa" when trying to say "You fucking twat, you just cut me up in your shitty little Corsa."

"Trolley cunt beer mug" when trying to say "Oh Christ, Tekken is hard!"

To all of these, anyone listening might respond: "Wow, that's some completely random swearing!"
Slang term for a woman's hefty breasts.
"Cor, look at the jubbers on that!"

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