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a delicious adjective meaning lovely. derived from the term, lovely jubbly.
acceptable for describing a rather good situation or as a positive answer to a request or question.
Gashman: what are your plans tonight Thundercunt?
Thundercunt: not much
Gashman: how about a big juicy warm meal with a side of taste?
Thundercunt: MMM...sounds JUBBERS!
by fitguy1 November 22, 2007
A mistake, a error an act of clumsyness.
That was a great chance for David Beckam, only 1 yard out, but he Jubbered it up.
by Jon-paul Hanrahan June 01, 2006
A term of endearment given by a woman to her partners "member"
Do you want me to see how Mr Jubber is doing tonight?
by SparXLivesexy August 15, 2008
A semi-erect penis.
She was quite tasty but I'd drunk too much so could only raise a jubber.
by PNeus August 05, 2010
Slang term for a woman's hefty breasts.
"Cor, look at the jubbers on that!"
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