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a cloth or fabric for the wiping of one's bung
Damnit, Beavis! Come back here with that candy! You owe me, bungwipe!
by The Mole September 29, 2004
The clear liquid you see in the toilet.
"Kel, now you've stained the sweater and got it soaked with all nasty toilet juice!"
by The Mole October 23, 2004
to be with what is cool
(Not an incompetent asshole who bugs the crap out of me)
My Disco Partener is not hip.
by The Mole December 05, 2003
The substance which makes a newly caught fish slippery.
"You talked me into wearin' panty hose, you talked me into tickling that policeman, you talked me into drinkin' fish grease..."
by The Mole October 23, 2004
someone who doesn't piss me off
my hero or my sex slave
by The Mole December 05, 2003
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