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A Nasty Ryan is the act of making doo doo, and letting hang half way out of the anus, then dragging it across a partner's body much like a crayon.
"I can't believe she gave me a Nasty Ryan last night."
by The Masticator May 02, 2005
A crude but often humorous reference to the male rectum. Often, it is in reference to anal sex with a male, thus the "punch" part of the definition. Also can be a reference to male fisting.
"Hey, you do know that guy is a donut puncher, right?"
by The Masticator May 02, 2005
Originally termed in the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut." Commonly mis-spelled as ass beehonker, this term refers to anal intercourse between two men. Splunking itself is decending into a deep cave, which is fitting.
"You ass spelunker! I'll kill you!
by The Masticator February 27, 2006
A Rusty Jack Knife is a slang term for a geriatric man who porks women much younger than him. The "Rusty Jack Knife" comes in to play as a reference to his penis, which, aged, is rusty (hard to get erect), jacked (may have liver spots or warts), and knifed (smaller than the original youth size.)
"God damn! That old guy is a Rusty Jack Knife!"
by The Masticator May 02, 2005
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