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This is when a person almost says shit, but decides to change their mind halfway and say crap. Hence, the word shacrap!
In a public place in front of a some one you don't want to be rude to:

Oh shacrap... I forgot about that.
by The Maker of the Word February 27, 2010
On Facebook, liking something some one shared, sharing it, then when some one else shares it from you, liking it again.

You may or may not have liked the shared thing on your own profile, but the word has more meaning when you do not like the shared thing in your profile. One shares something on their profile when they like it. Therefore, it is redundant to like it via the like button on their profile.

Could be used in the past tense as "cross-liked".
Anne shared a link to a new music video. I liked it and shared it on my profile. Then Peter liked and shared the video from my profile. So I went to his profile and liked it. Then pretty much all my friends started sharing the link and I went on a cross-liking spree and cross liked every time the link was shared.
by The Maker of the Word May 07, 2011
Miss You Too.

When you are chatting or texting to some one you dearly miss, sending a little MUT will make them feel all mushy inside. Perfect reply to IMU.
First person on IM program: Hey, IMU
Other person on IM program: yeah.. MUT
by The Maker of the Word February 28, 2010

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