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Normally used to describe men who have a great disdain for women.

Generally, most men who get labelled this aren't even women-haters. They simply don't feel like they need to validate their existance through another person. But becasue today's numbskull society views it as being wierd/wrong, they are hit with this little ditty or are presumed gay.

Girl: "hey, do you have a girlfriend?"
Guy: "no, and to be honest I don't really need/want one for the forseeable future."
Girl: ha, you're just a sad misogynist. you're probably just too much of a loser and no one wants you / you can't get anyone."
Girl 2 : "or hes gay!"
*both walk away laughing like utter buffoons*
Guy: "ditzy bitches...."
by The Mad Hatter 55 April 13, 2009

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Originated from Japan, of course. Is a widely popular video game and card game, and also a long-running cartoon.

The cartoon has been airing for over a decade and is very predictable. Every episode is the same plot, or so it seems. Here is a breakdown.

-Show opens with Ash and his posse or varying members walking along, planning where they are going next or talking about an upcoming battle/competition.
-A new and mysterious pokemon appears, causing Ash to blow his load and prepare to battle and capture it.
-Cue the appearance of the pokemon's owner, usually a cute female trainer that Brock , Ash’s buddy, immediately falls for and is naturally rejected, probably cause she is freaked out by his lack of eyes.
-the team and the new female trainer friend continue on, by no coincidence they are usually headed to the same town/city as each other or entering the same competition. (Ash and this trainer inevitably end up being matched up against each other during this competition at some point, if this is the case. The episode is ended with this revelation in these cases.)
-Cue our first look at team Rocket, the main bumbling and inept rivals of the group. They are usually in the process of hatching a hair brain scheme to make money at this point. They then spot Ash and Co., who they refer to as “the twerps”, and their plan switches to a plan to catch Ash’s pikachu. (and the trainer friends pokemon, if it is a particularly rare or valuable one). Sometimes, the plan involves Team Rocket disguising themselves in some lame getups, that even an idiot could tell its them. But Ash and Co get fooled. EVERY. TIME.
-Cut to a pokemon center, where ash and co. are stuffing their gourds and then go to bed. If it’s the night before a big competition, you get a scene with Ash deep in thought first, with pikachu babbling incoherently.
-Cut to the next day, the group are either in some random field, or in a stadium preparing to battle. And here’s Team Rocket! They do their rather cool spiel then bring out some ridiculous contraption that they use to snatch pikachu and any other nearby pokemon, and then make their getaway. Ash is usually dumbfounded at first, then proceeds to give chase.
-You then see Team Rocket, who, for some unknown reason, have stopped to rest in the middle of a getaway. They usually use the line "the twerps will never find us here". Right. Little do they know, Ash has dispatched one of his flying pokemon and said pokemon has located TR and is watching them during their discussion. The pokemon hastily makes its return to Ash.
-We go back to team Rocket, who a re chillaxing, when all of a sudden, here’s Ash and company! Then we usually get a dumfounded reaction from T.R., wondering how they’ve been found. Normally, a small pokemon battle breaks out with Ash and Brock battling Team Rocket and their inept and usually shitty pokemon. During the battle Pikachu is freed in some fashion and returns to Ash.
-We then get Ash sicking pikachu on Team Rocket, usually with a thunderbolt. Team Rocket are sent blasting off with their “We’re blasting off again!” line.
-Then we have group celebrating their “victory”
-Finally, we go to a scene with the group and their female friend standing together. It’s usually sunset, and they are preparing to go their separate ways and doing the good-byes and good lucks to each other. We then see Ash and company walking from the back on heading for their next adventure.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Just get it outta here already! (or at least change it)

kid 1 : Wow you got the new Mewtoo card! I'll give you 3 arcanines for it
kid 2: You kidding? Not a chance dude!
kid 1: awww....well hey Pokemon is about to come on TV wanna watch it?
kid 2: Fuck no....way too boring and predictable. Who wants to see Team Rocket get their asses handed to them again
by The Mad Hatter 55 April 21, 2009

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One of the biggest clubs in the world. No, You aren't the biggest, Mancs. Says who? Messi and the rest of Barca
do. But you're the best in the UK and most successful. Feel better?

Their gaffer, although he is a legend, is also a whisky-nosed gobshite. Known to have every official in the F.A. in his lap from Mike Riley to the Northwest Counties Premier league part-time ref. Likes to look at the fourth official and tap his watch his to intimidate him, especially if Yernited are losing. Naturally, this results in a rediculous and usually unustifiable amout of extra time added, to allow United to nick a result.

Also likes to flail his arms wildly in rage and jump around like a twat if a ref does dare stand up to him and not rule in Yernited's favor, all while sipping on Heineken on the touchline.

The best player on earff (well according to Mancs, anyway) plays for them. Cristiano Ronaldo, and yes, he is class. However, he is a miserable little twit who flies through the air at the slightest touch, usually making sure he is convieniently inside the opposition box, and convieniently
when Yernited happen to be losing, in search of a penalty. In the rare event that a peno is not given, he likes to join in with his teammates in surrounding and bullying the official.

When not doing this he can be found modelling bird's clothing , crashing cars into guardrails, and sexing up the local Mancunian transvestites for cash.

Their supporters - oh my, lol. Most of them are from the following: Asia, Middle East, London, for the most part.
99.5% of them couldn't locate Manchester on a map, never mind say they have been to Old Trafford. I'm not quite sure how they even watch United, since most of them
are either huddled in mud huts or are too poor to afford a television, if you review the above locations I mentioned. Not that they're missing anything, well they aren't missing
any atmosphere by not being at O.T. cos there is none, just 70,000 different accents, none of them English, munching away on prawn sarnies.

Any attempt to slight Yernited to Yernited supporter is usually met with the good old rebuttal "How many trophies have you lot won?"

When you go to Old Trafford, you will be amazed by the lack of actual team songs that Manc fans have, other then "Glory, Glory Yernited!". Usually what you
hear are : songs about scousers, songs about Liverpool FC, songs about Hillsborough, songs about Heysel, songs about Good ol Leeds, and songs about Citeh. You will
also see numerous banners concerning those 3 clubs as well in the ground. But they aren't obsessed or bitter, no not them lot! lol.

On the topic of Hillsborough, they seem to find humor in singing about dead scousers, yet get all uptight when scousers or Leeds fans sing about Matt Busby and Munich, or when Fabian Delph made the aeroplane gesture at Oldham after scoring earlier this season. Hypocriticla much?

There you have it folks. Yernited. Doubt most people will like it, but what do you expect? I'm a leeds fan!
Leeds fan : The Mancs are singing "We all hate Leeds scum" again....

mate: are Manchester United playing Leeds in a Cup game or summat?

Leeds fan : Naw, they are just gobshites who are so bitter and obsessed with us they can't stop thinking of us

mate: ah yea, mate, figured so. dont most Mancunians support Citeh anyway?

Leeds fan: aye....
by The Mad Hatter 55 June 02, 2009

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The average Manchester United supporter.
Manchester United fan: 'ow many trophies have dirty leeds won aye lol?"
Me: Shut it you gobshite and go support Leyton Orient or some other team in London.
by The Mad Hatter 55 November 05, 2009

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Any guy who doesn't do, or buy EVERYTHING, that his wife, girlfriend or mistress tells him to do / asks him for.
GF : oh wow look at this dress! only 300 bucks? Can you but it for me honey?
BF: what's the occasion?
GF: There isnt one? You should want to.
BF: Oh. Well, I don't
GF OMG, you're such an asshole!
by The Mad Hatter 55 September 23, 2010

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A Talentless Bleach blond hack. Has been known to hook up with other talentless hacks and wannabees (see Timberlake and Federline). Started the whole Disney Revolution of "Hey, she can act, so that must mean she can sing, too!" Kind of like me assuming that my doctor can remove my braces. Her reputaion of being a sleazy slut, a horrible mother, terrible role model, attention whore, a wino, and generally coming from a white trash family and being globally despised are well-documented.

However, with all that sid, and despite millions of people claiming their disdain for her, millions of people continue listening to her music, buying her CD's and merchandise, and attend her concerts. Doesn't that just scream hypocrisy?
Girl 1 : I cannot stand Britney Spears. She is a horrible role model for girls and I wish she'd just fuck off!
Girl 2: Yea I know, what a total slut! I Hate her!
Girls 3: Tell me about it!
Girls 2: OMG! OMG! OMG! Is that Britney's new CD? I gotta get it right now!
Girl 3: Yeah! I forgot her concert here is next week! We are so going!
Girl 1: *sigh*...
by The Mad Hatter 55 April 17, 2009

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A small island on the East Coast of Canada, infested with senior citizens.

Not really mcuh to do there, unless you are so inclined to go drinking every other night or pop stolen prescription drugs (oxycotins). In the summer, you can't even go swimming really casue most of the beaches are closed due to contamination.

The people, while nice, are a little hypocritical. They like to harp on about how the gov't screws them and owes them this and that, but don't mind sitting at home collecting
pogey 10mths at a time, in between dash and grabs to Alberta.

Claim to be the friendlist place in Canada, and yea it is to an extent, but you will find that all of Atlantic Canada is friendly on pretty much the same level, including Newfoundland.

They kind of have a delusioned view on how the rest of Canada views them. They think they are cuddly and everyone loves them, but in reality most people (esp. Ontario west) think they are a bunch of lazy fuckwads who dont want to work, sorry guys if that sounds harsh, but thats how it is (I've seen it)

Lastly, if you are from Halifax, heaven forbid you mention that while you are visiting there or live there I lived there for 3 years, and once I revealed I was from Halifax, I was the brunt end of ignorant treatment and spite. This most likely has to do with the rediculous inferiority complex that most Capers have for Halifax, truth be told, most Halegonians don't give a shit about you unless they are
related to you (sorry)
Cape Breton, It's an Ok place, but I'm glad I don't live there anymore.
by The Mad Hatter 55 June 13, 2009

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