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A Jewish person who due to genetic variables or intermarriage is often mistaken for a Christian person.
Usually a larger, more aggressive, heavily armed jewish person.
The Goldberg/Lyle Alzado kind of Jew... Not the Woody Allen/David Schwimmer kind of Jew.

All the money... Twice the testosterone!
Bob: Did'ja Hear the one about the Jew in the concentration camp...
Marc: What did you say Motherfucker?
Bob: What, are you a Heeb or something?
Marc: Kick, Stomp, Smush... "That'll Learn ya... Bitch"
Bystander: Check it out... Stealth Jew!
by The Machine September 28, 2006
Your car horn. So called because in the middle east the horn is used much more often than the brakes when driving.
The guy at the green light wouldn't move his freakin car so we all started laying on the old Egyptian Brakepedal until he drove off.
by The Machine August 25, 2008
A 9 MM Pistol that holds 16 rounds. A 9 MM Pistol with a fifteen round magazine and one round in the chamber.

Fully loaded and ready to go.

Nine = 9 MM
Double Eight = (2 x 8) = 16 Rounds.

I've got a Nine Double Eight, your ass better have a vest.
by The Machine September 23, 2006
Mobbed up atrocity. HUGE Grossly overdone McMansion style house in the suburbs designed to attract the Russian mobsters from New York out to the Jersey Suburbs. Usually on a small piece of land built next to another group of equally overdone homes on what used to be a farm.
I went to a party in Colts Neck last saturday, what a Mobstrocity! Marble floors, a Jacuzzi in each bedroom, Gold lions on either side of the front porch. They got the money somehow...
by The Machine August 25, 2008
When you know or see a woman who has a great body, but an ugly face.
Similar to a Butter face.
Wow, would you look at that ass, I could seriously do... Ugh... Nice bike, shitty helmet.
by The Machine January 12, 2010
Very Expensive Pussy.
These are the urban and suburban Uber Cougar set of mostly divorced, extremely wealthy women (or the daughters of such women) who frequent many social and charitable gatherings looking to see and be seen. Great to look at, but you most likely cannot afford to chase them... They might chase you if you play your cards right.
"Wow, is that (Ex- Wife of famous actor or philanthropist or wall street giant)over there? Didnt she take him for like 30 Mil? There sure is alot of VEP at this party. Damn I wish I could hit that... Damn I wish I knew what "Arbitrage" meant..."
by The Machine September 05, 2008

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