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A place where a vast majority of the people who live there are Asian (not always chinese)
Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, Wallnut are all Chinatowns or possibly one large "Chinatowne". I live in Chinatown
by The Leader November 26, 2004
Rocko's dog from the awesome cartoon show Rocko's Modern Life
Damn dude, I wish I had a dog like Spunkey
by The Leader November 26, 2004
Noun: To use the hands to stimulate your own genitalia.
"Oh, man I got caught doing the Tanasaki..."
by The Leader November 17, 2004
Germany is the true fatherland. However, Fatherland can apply to any germanic homeland that should be a part of Germany, such as Austria...
Germany, my true Fatherland!
by The Leader November 26, 2004
Hacienda Heights and the surrounding area filled to the brim with Asians...

See also Chinatown
I live in Chinatowne California
by The Leader November 26, 2004
Social Security = hand-out that many undesirable minorities sit around and wait for.
"Yo foo, I be waitin' for my SS AND my WF check so I can buy my kids some crack!"
by The Leader November 26, 2004
Welfare. A handout that allows minorities and white trash to buy drugs
Half my taxes go to WF...
by The Leader November 26, 2004

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