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The act of sharting whilst sporting a g-string causing the fecal matter to become disrupted by the interfering underwear and launch forth in two separate directions.
Dude! That erotic dancer just performed a shitsplit on my lap!
by The Jarvis February 19, 2006
1) The sound of buttcheeks-a-flappin usually caused by an abnormally powerful fart or defecation.

2) The back door on old style long underwear
1) That four alarm chili had me crapflappin in the bowl all night.

2) I was so drunk last night that when I put on my long underwear, I crawled in through the crapflap.
by The Jarvis February 21, 2006
an event in which multiple participants each take turns contributing a bowel movement into a single toilet resulting in an unflushable mess.
"Hey, are you in on the dookstack? We've already got three shits in it, the janitor is going to shit when he sees that!"
by The Jarvis February 21, 2006

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