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2 definitions by The J-Man

A form of Government founded by Tioma in the 21st Century. In Tiocracy, a nation is and forever ruled by the immortal Tioma, and all citizens must abide by the laws created by her. Citizens may contribute ideas, but are 99% of the time neglected. A nation under the government of Tiocracy is automatically the strongest nation in the world.
Our country pwnz all others!! It's a Tiocracy! Tioma pwnz!
by The J-Man March 14, 2005
1. A religion founded by Tioma in the 21th century. There are many Alicist followers today. Alicists follow the Goddess Tio and follow "Alice's Quintessential Laws"
1. The Alicists met together to give offerings to the Goddess of Alicism.
by The J-Man March 14, 2005