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When someone rests their chin on a man's testicles while the man repeatedly hits them in the face with his erect penis.
Jim: Hey, can I give you a Kentucky Chinstrap?

Abby: I've never tried it, but it sounds like fun!

(Abby puts her chin on her Jim's testicles. Jim starts hitting her with his penis)

Wife: This... is... not... what... I was... thinking... dammit, Jim!
by The Graham Cracker November 10, 2011
When a man runs full-force with an erect penis into their partner's face. This act is highly dangerous and often fatal, as it requires great cunning and penile precision.
Jake: Hey, did you hear what happened to Alex? Tried to give his girlfriend Miranda a Missouri Head Butt last night. Wound up in the hospital. He might not make it.

Bobby: Oh my God! Why didn't he just listen to us and give her a Steaming Hot Pan instead?!
by The Graham Cracker November 09, 2011
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