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The bastard children of urban crackwhores often concieved by the common work hazards of hooking to support a crack addiction
I was driving through the projects, and the street was full of Chickenhead Nuggets
by The Doomsday Machine August 25, 2006
A fast, cheap piece of ass
Her dad said we had to be home by midnight so we drove through the park for a quick McFuckin
by The Doomsday Machine August 25, 2006
Similar to "Spiderman".
Following an internal moneyshot, the female recipient stands up and as the semen runs out of the vagina the woman kicks one leg out to the side so that the semen is flung out onto the floor and yells "spidergirl". This motion closely resembles the motion of a person atttempting to shake a fart out of their pant leg
by The Doomsday Machine June 12, 2006
During the act of intercourse, in the Doggie style position, the male inserts his finger into the females anus and then hooks his finger into her mouth and cheek. There are several variations including one hook, two hooks, and chumming
I caught her with the fish hook, and I gave her the stink bait.
by The Doomsday Machine June 30, 2006

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