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The coolest person in the world. Rania means vibrancy, intelligence, creative and lack of imperfections and flaws. Rania is wild and thoughtful and usually thinks of other people before herself. She is kind, loving and a keeper. Any person to have her as a part of their family, friendship or relationship is very lucky and should never let her go because she will take bad revenge that would most likely ruin your life.

Rania is a beautiful girl inside and outside and most people don't usually bother to find her inner beauty. She is used and she hates it. In fact, she hates reality. She's one of the world's best twerkers.
Wow, she's gorgeous, and smart and such a good friend. She MUST be a Rania.
by The DEFINER December 01, 2013
A guy who owns you.
The Definer OWNS you.
by The Definer March 29, 2004
A nice guy who runs a website called "Sonic Beyond". However, he gaveExor Chaon his passwords, and if you know anything about Exor, you know that was a stupid move. Exor then took over the accounts of "Hemin577" and "HeminDX". Exor, however, as we all know, is a complete idiot and gave up. Besides this one incident, Mustapha is an overall good guy.
Mustapha runs Sonic Beyond.
by The Definer March 29, 2004
how long someone loves you until they get bored of you and find someone better
"forever and always."
by the deFINEr July 01, 2015

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