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When a male is receiving a hand job and just as he begins to climax, he lets out a huge fart and then utilizes the covered wagon trapping his partner under the covers with a smelly mess. the big brother of the covered wagon. EXPERTS ONLY NO AMATUERS!!!!!
My girlfriend dumped me after receiving the butter churn, but it was well worth it!
by The Covered Wagon Cougar March 28, 2009
When you know you're too intoxicated to urinate without totally missing the toilet. So you call your girlfriend into the bathroom and have her hold your penis as you urinate.
Don't worry man I didn't make a mess in your bathroom I had Sarah come give me a helping hand.
by The Covered Wagon Cougar March 31, 2009
Native to the midwest region of the United States, particularly Iowa. After sex wait for your partner to leave the room. When she does let one rip and seal it under the covers. It is vital that the fart be contained completely under the covers. When she returns offer her some of the covers. Release the fart and exclaim KABOOM!
My girlfriend had to buy new sheets after a post-Taco Bell meth lab explosion.
by The Covered Wagon Cougar March 28, 2009

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