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1) Usually found around sporting events, they involve beer drinking and BBQ from the back of a pickup truck or SUV.

2) The car that is so close to you in the rear that you can barely see it's headlights. Some people like to quickly brake to scare them off. Pretty annoying, but it's better to move to the right. Nobody likes a Left Lane Dick... unless there is no right lane. In that case, it's time for a Skid Contest.
1) Before the football game, we had a tailgate party with beers and BBQ.

2) I was driving down the sidestreet at 40 and that guy was still tailgating me. So, I 'noticed' a 'cat' on the road and slammed my brakes.
by The Sub March 01, 2005
1) A person who bites during tough sex.
2) A musical artist who copies lyrics from other artists.
1) Damn, that bitch is a biter.
2) Jay-Z
by The Sub February 04, 2005
The by-product of either rush hour or a lane closing as a result of a car accident or construction. Mainstreets and highways become choked with cars that are literally bumper to bumper. Like a bad storm, usually the only way out of a traffic jam is sitting through it.

Car lines and lane shields make getting off an exit a daunting game of chicken. Road rage is also pretty common.
There was a huge traffic jam on I-93 when some idiots collided into each other, causing two lane closures. It was backed up all the way to Quincy.
by The Sub February 25, 2005
An automobile which is most likely older than it's owner, but not old enough to be an eye-catching classic. Sporting a very dull paint job and Psoriasis-like rust spots, do-it-yourself tints with more bubbles than a freshly opened champaign bottle, a fully installed racing drivers seat (with the other seats left stock and most likely broken/torn), 5" plastic (or for more well-off hoopty drivers, aluminium) rims bought at a local Wal-Mart, and a rice-class muffler which belches out a large jet ski like sound, possibly so that the driver can attract the attention of blind chicks who otherwise can't be disguised by the hideousness of this vehicle.
*Hoopty comes fart canning alongside to a chick walking with a blind tapping cane*

Driver: "Hey baby, need a ride?"
Chick: "What kind of car you got?"
Driver: "It's a Ford GT"
Chick: "Really!?"
Chick's friend: "He's lying. It's a 1986 Honda CRX. Let's take the bus instead"
by The Sub October 27, 2004
1) Toyota Altezza. Also known as the Lexus IS Series in America.

2) A style of lights, usually clear with a red circular braking/parking light in the center, and signal/reverse marker at the bottom. It is the stock light of the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS, and variations of this light are usually put onto even cheaper cars, such as the Civic and Chevy Cavalier, by Ricers.
1) The Toyota Altezza is the cheapest car in the Lexus brand in America. In Japan, it is considered the upper-part of the Toyota economy class cars.

2) That Honda Civic has some rice-looking Altezza lights.
by The Sub February 13, 2005
The result of tailgating. The driver who is being tailgated slams his brakes, usually randomly, to spook the tailgater. They have a 'contest' to see who ends up skidding further.
Hmm, that guy is still riding up my tail. Whoa, is that a kid about to see jump onto the street? *slam* *screeeech*
by The Sub March 01, 2005
A Mexican liquor that is close cousin to the more famous Tequila. Mezcal is usually stronger, and is known for it's trademark worm which is placed in the bottle. The worm's preservation in the bottle is, according to legend, a sign of high proof in the liquor. Many fraternities believe that eating the worm (which, unlike the liquid it's found in, is relatively harmless) is a right of passage. High quality brands of Mezcal rarely carry the worm.
You aren't a true binge drinker until you've drank the Mezcal and eaten the worm.
by The Sub April 13, 2005

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