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At night, police cars will sometimes be parked in 'hidden areas', such as behind a billboard or in a parking lot, and will be facing traffic looking for speeders or DWI cases. They may also be parked alongside the road or in the breakdown lane on the highway.

Ghost cars will always have their head lights off, but sometimes the day-running lights will remain on, giving the headlights a light 'ghostly' appearance. It is also sometimes used to refer to any ordinary car driving at night with no headlights or just their dayrunners on, but usually the title is reserved for police vehicles.
I passed under the bridge when I noticed two ghost cars hiding next to it, on the median, each facing a different direction.
by The Sub March 18, 2005
A now obselete insult used by fans of the New York Yankees. Prior to the 2004 World Series, the Red Sox had not won a World Series since 1918. Some say that the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth so that the owner could fund a broadway play was the cause of a curse, which ended the Red Sox dynasty of the early 20th century, and would cause them to lose when they DID reach the World Series. The same people who thought up this 'curse' crap also wear tinfoil hats to protect against government mind control satellites.

Unfortunately for Yankees fans, they will have to think up a more unique insult to cheer at Red Sox-Yankees games at the Stadium, because with the departure of Pedro Martinez, the 'Whos Your Daddy' chant has lost it's meaning.
Yankees Fan: 1918! 1918!

Red Sox Fan: 2004! 2004! The year we won again, and the Yankees performed the biggest choke in the history of sports!

Yankees Fan: DOH! Oh well, you won't win next year since The Boss is going to cake over our multi-million dollar roster with an even MORE multi-million dollar roster, further ruining what little chemistry our all-star team has!
by The Sub February 08, 2005
A line of automobiles, either on the highway or a large main street, which consists of a long stretch of automobiles which are usually tailgating each other. It is very hard to switch into this lane until you let the car line pass, or you manage to get up in front of the float which is causing it.
My exit on the highway was to the left, but a car line had formed in the left lane. This was going to be tough.
by The Sub February 25, 2005
Many malls in the Boston area contain security guards which wear hats very similar to Drill Instructors or state police, hence; Rent-A-Drill Instructor.
"Did you just shoplift from that store? I'm going to kill the whole platoon for that, and YOU'RE going to watch! HEY, GET BACK HERE!"
by The Sub January 27, 2005
A car's turning signal. Cars sold in New England may as well have these as optional instead of standard, because few people use them.
That guy decided to turn on his left blinka after he had been sitting in the middle of the road while the traffic behind him stood dumbfounded for about half a minute.
by The Sub March 01, 2005
On a multi-lane road (usually a highway or mainstreet), lane drifting is when a car suddenly begins 'drifting' over the lanes, usually because the driver isn't paying attention, or cannot see the lanes because they aren't painted well enough.

Usually they'll hover between two lanes, going the speed limit, and holding up traffic in both lanes.
I was stuck going 65 because the guy infront of me was lane drifting between the left lane and center lane, and was apparently oblivious to the chorus of car horns being layed upon him.
by The Sub March 01, 2005
Not to be confused with the lightning rod, and usually involving more than one other car, a speed team is a group of drivers who speed on the left lane of the highway during long road trips. Usually hardened road warriors will know that the more cars that are speeding together, the less likely a state police car will pull them over, as long as they are going at a reasonable speed (80 on a 65 posted).

Called a 'team' because, if a slower float is in the left lane, they'll often all pass it on the right together. Speed teammates rarely even know each other, and more often than not the team will eventually break up when one leaves the highway.
I was speed teaming from Boston to Providence and I got there 30 minutes earlier than I expected.
by The Sub February 25, 2005

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