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52 definitions by The Sub

A hard liquor made in Italy, and probably the worst thing from Italy since fascism. It's 42 Proof, just a little above better and cheaper flavor liquors like Bacardi Lemon and Smirnoff Twist. Romana Sambuca has a horrible black liquorish candy taste, the aftertaste of which lasts in your mouth until you rinse it out with sulfuric acid. Disgusting enough to make you vomit even before you've reached the limit of your alcohol tolerance.
Having faith in an Italian product, I bought some Romana Sambuca. I almost threw up after the first shot, and I hadn't had anything alcoholic to drink that entire week!
by The Sub January 22, 2005
Most internet nerds have similar hobbies... They usually include listening to garbage rock music, obsessing over anime, and bashing President Bush, declaring him the worst President ever despite having only lived under a grand total of 3 different Presidents.

Bush bashing usually includes the infamously popular 'Bush is a monkey' picture, as well as the 'village idiot' factor. In reality, Bush went to Yale, which is a pretty damn fine University for a 'moron chimpanzee' to go to.

Many of them have really no legit reason to bash President Bush. Although Bush has had plenty of questionable moves in his terms, few of them have affected internet nerds directly. None of them are physically fit to go to war if there ever WAS a draft (which there won't be), none of them will ever get laid and have to worry about their partner getting an abortion, and few of them if any have jobs and even if they did, the 'tax breaks for the rich' (what?) aren't going to effect them... particularly because EVERYONE got tax breaks and a big tax return.

Even worse are the ones that don't even live in America, and reside in such politically important places (NOT) such as Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom (has-been empire). Bush is our problem, if he even is one... do you see me bitching about clubbing seals, or price hikes in tea and crumpets?
HellRaiserANnihaihAIlator339873839xx3987NATURAL BORN KILLAHS CLAN: Yeah, Bush is such a stupid President. He is going to war with the savages who just slaughtered 5000 of our own people on our soil... what a warmonger. If I had a job outside of Counterstrike, I'm sure he'd find a way to steal my legal tender too because it is so evil.

Foreigner: Yes, Bush is ze warmonger! He attacked the country that my glorious former genocidical power of a nation was making millions off of in shady deals with. DOWN WITH BUSH!
by The Sub February 08, 2005
1) The national flag of Canada. Two vertical red stripes with a maple leaf in the center. Generic and uncreative.

2) Something that American tourists do NOT place on their backpacks when they go touring in Europe. The only people poor enough to afford to travel to another country with backpacks instead of luggage are college students and Canadians.
1) Canadian flags can often be found in general blue-collar trash havens, such as hockey games, wrestling matches, and Montrael.

2) Canadian: "You Americans are hated so much in Europe that you sew Canadian flags on your backpack, eh?"
American: "That'd be a waste of time even if we did it, because they can tell we aren't Canadian by the fact that we are actually wearing clothes that aren't plaid or jean jackets."
by The Sub February 04, 2005