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1 definition by Thatguy22

An older, creepy, unattractive man, usually overweight with a lot of body hair that cruises rest areas or truck stops looking for anal/bottom sex instead of being at work between the typcial hours of 8AM and 5 PM.
Truck Driver 1: "Hey Red-Rider, what's your 10-20?"

Truck Driver 2: "I'm 'bout 3 miles from the rest area off of I-95 just south of Springfield"

Truck Driver 1: "Ya'all should pull in there and take a break there's an Ocho Cinco hanging out there right now that made it worth the stop."

Truck Driver 2: "10-4 on that...I think I'll be dropping off my load before I get to my final destination."
by Thatguy22 August 30, 2008