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A laugh that clings on to a word you're trying to say while laughing. Instead, that word gets distorted and latched on to until the life is stretched out of it, and the laugh is practically all that is heard.
Guy: "So I was tickling the sides her torso because she secretly really wants me to, even though she was like, 'Stoo-oo-ooo-ahhh-ahhhh-ahh-oop!, in like a whiny voice. It was such a laugh vine, I could barely tell she wanted me to stop."
by ThatGuy22 January 12, 2015
An older, creepy, unattractive man, usually overweight with a lot of body hair that cruises rest areas or truck stops looking for anal/bottom sex instead of being at work between the typcial hours of 8AM and 5 PM.
Truck Driver 1: "Hey Red-Rider, what's your 10-20?"

Truck Driver 2: "I'm 'bout 3 miles from the rest area off of I-95 just south of Springfield"

Truck Driver 1: "Ya'all should pull in there and take a break there's an Ocho Cinco hanging out there right now that made it worth the stop."

Truck Driver 2: "10-4 on that...I think I'll be dropping off my load before I get to my final destination."
by Thatguy22 August 30, 2008
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