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Exaggerations made by the news media in order to get more ratings or to brainwash their viewers.

Violent Pornography is also when the media is broadcasting tragedies such as accidents, incidents, violence, and wars constantly 24/7 to get people hooked to the T.V.
Fox News is full of violent pornography.
by Thatdude4 February 27, 2011
Otakusexual (Otaku-Sexual) is a nerd, geek, or anyone who finds anime characters sexually attractive.

Otakusexuals tend to watch hentai or draw anime characters to fit their fantasies.

Otakusexuals are not limited to just manga and anime characters;
They also are attracted to videogame characters or other characters that look similar to anime style drawings.

Rarely some otakusexuals are attracted to real people just as much as the anime characters (preferably good cosplayers and Japanese people).

Otakusexuality varies sense it has many different subdivisions.
1. Heard about the otakusexual who married an anime body pillow.

2. Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 is every Otakusexual boys fantasy.

3. That otakusexual girl is obsessed over an F***ing cartoon.
by Thatdude4 February 26, 2011

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