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2 definitions by ThatAwesomeFilmmaker

The most amazing film-maker and the best FSM (film soul mate) possible! No other way to describe them! Really nice, friendly, enthusiastic and always willing to help out. You're lucky to know a Lelinh.
Example 1
Person 1: Wow! That's a Lelinh! You're so lucky to know them!
Person 2: I know! They're awesome

Example 2
Person 1: Hey you're working with Lelinh right?
Person 2: Yeah!
Person 1: Wow you're so lucky!
by ThatAwesomeFilmmaker April 10, 2012
Stands for Film Soul Mate. The best person in the world who you can make films with, you're practically telepathic and always know what the other one is thinking. You always work great together!
Person 1. Lelinh is my FSM
Person 2. Wow, thats amazing! The 2 best possible things in 1!
by ThatAwesomeFilmmaker April 10, 2012