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A small, short, cute, petite, flat woman. Possibily childlike or has a girlish charm.
He always goes after the pixies
by That one crazy kid January 21, 2007
Noun: A friendly, conservative, quiet, mysterious female who can lure any man she wants to, can be a total slut but chooses not to be. She can also slyly get whatver she wants out of them but once again would never abuse her power. Would rather be in a realtionship but knows how to get a hook line and sinker.
-Dude, I swear I really like this chick!!!

-Has she used you in any way?


-Yeah she just might be a Wolf, but theres hope
by That one crazy kid October 23, 2006

The best word on urban dictionary within the lengthspan of 365 days
The word of the year is still unknown
by That one crazy kid December 09, 2006
Noun and Adjective

The combination of a geek and an emo

something and or someone that is geemo
I love my friend Mickey, Shes such a geemo when she plays clarinet in the school band
by That one crazy kid November 24, 2006
Noun and Verb

1) Someone who has no life and feels they must preoccupy their life with other peoples problems and or make problems. Once one problem is solved they move on and uninvitally stick themselves onto another problem of someone elses

2) The act if drama leeching
-Why is Robby acting like such a drama leech?

-Oh he just has no life
by That one crazy kid December 06, 2006

A car that is bumpin' down the street and you can hear the music two lanes away
When I was stuck in traffic that rolling jukebox was playing the exact same song for a half hour!!
by That one crazy kid October 29, 2006

A word shouted out when someone is toungetied and their words get jumbled , As if someone got a bag of scrabble tiles and tried to make a word

To have an experiance with a jumbled word
-Do you collect anything?

-Yeah I collect pez dipensers. dippezners, dizapezers,...BLEH!!!

by That one crazy kid October 30, 2006
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