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An independent horror film that made it big due to popular demand.

This movie is a rare type of horror that is scary because:

-its made to look real life

-it uses a person's fear of the unexplained and the supernatural

-its so simple it looks more real because there are really only 4 actors seen and there is only one set(the house)

-it scares you then gives you a break then scares you even more

-it includes the oh-so common cliff-hanger ending (like in Quarantine )

Overall not as scary after as other horror movies.
"Paranormal Activity didn't scare me until last night. How about you?"

"Yeah, it didn't bother me till this morning when I was getting out of bed. I felt lazy and wished someone would drag me out then I remembered the movie and was like HELL NO!"

"I think it doesn't bother me out of the theater cuz my house looks nothing like that."
by That's_Contradiction November 07, 2009

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