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Another word for a desert eagle, which is a type of gun.
"Yo, should I cop a beretta or a bird?"

translation: "Should I buy a Beretta or a Desert Eagle?"
by Tha 1ne August 02, 2005
trash; used to describe something or someone that is trash/trashy

origin: The original trash bag is a large, black bag.
Ex. 1: Man those shoes iz black bag.
Ex. 2: That chick is ugly man, she black bag.
Ex. 3: The Harlem World Diplomats AIN'T black bag. Dipset!! Dipset!!
by Tha 1ne August 09, 2005
Used in tha same way "man" and "dawg" iz used.
Ex. 1: Yo what up yogo?
Ex. 2: Yo you holdin' my shit yogo? Where's my cheese yogo?
by Tha 1ne June 19, 2005

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