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Acronym for "Laughing On The Inside A Little".

Used when texting with someone and they say something that just makes you chuckle inside - but just a little bit.

Use when LOL or ROTFLOL or even LOTI are too extreme for the level of amusement you are experiencing.

Can also be used to show a bit of sarcasm when you know the person wants you to laugh at what they said.
Someone texts you something that is mildly amusing, you reply LOTIAL
by TextMaster November 28, 2013
Text acronym for Laughing On The Inside.

LOTI is used when the person who you are texting with said something that makes you have an inside chuckle.

this is used in situations where LOL (Laughing Out Loud) or ROTFLOL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud) are just too extreme to describe the laugh that you had.
Friend says something that is only slightly funny, you reply with LOTI.
by TextMaster November 28, 2013

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