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Grew up a nice kid but ended up getting involved with bloods, pistol whipping, stripping and robbing two men who used a pay phone he was waiting on, forcing a glass of piss down a guys throat who refused to give up p diddys mothers adress and other such nutty shite.
Crips killed tupac after he (and suge)beat the crud out of one of their members. Suge got shot too, so it's hard to beleive he set it up.
by TexasSyndicate January 31, 2004
The niggas that hang out around Washinton Heights and are always getting shot at by puerto ricans and whiteboys with bad aim. They arent as much of a crime factor as they once were, but they still can kill with the best of em.
The jamaican posse is a bunch of nutty jamaicans who cut off peoples heads and drop the torso in enemy territory.
by TexasSyndicate January 31, 2004

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