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Awful, horrible city. Located near Texas Tech, which is a good school in its own right. Don't be fooled, however, because Lubbockites are VERY proud of Texas Tech and will shove it in your face. Constantly. Not a good place if you like trees, aren't that religious, are a Democrat, or generally like people even if they don't believe what you believe. The school system is okay, but the students are ignorant and value stupidity. They care for no one but themselves, and the entire city is apathetic to all problems as long as it doesn't affect it. Just don't live here.
Lubbock is a shit town and I don't know why you would like it.

Girl 1: I hate Lubbock.
Girl 2: Shut the fuck up, Lubbock is great. It's a party town. It has Tech. Go FOOTBALL! And you know what? Texas is the greatest. We should all backstab each other.
by TexasIsShitty December 01, 2009

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