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3 definitions by TetsuoTheIronMan

A girl who aside from being immensely attractive is petite and can easily be picked up and flipped around with the stroke of a finger to do whatever position imaginable with ease.
Taylor is such a fuckdoll. I picked her up with a pinkie to do a "standing O".

I folded up Kayla like a pretzel when I fucked her. She's a complete fuckdoll.
by TetsuoTheIronMan December 23, 2010
When a woman's orifice is loose and airy resulting in a queef like "whistling" sound every time you enter her.
I was fucking Kesha last night but got a goddamn headache from all the slitwhistling her cooter was making. Like a friggin' freight train, this chick.
by TetsuoTheIronMan December 23, 2010
When your girl, preferably wearing a skirt and no undies, hops on your pogo stick while you're driving down the interstate at night. The point is to a) both orgasm before you b) hit a Dodge Durango in the opposite lane.

See Stephen King's Thinner or David Cronenberg's Crash for specific examples.
I was driving back home at 2 a.m. last night and Mildred, out of nowhere, gives me a road pop to wake my ass up. Dude, you gotta believe me. I think I still have some period juice residue to prove it.
by TetsuoTheIronMan December 23, 2010