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A Ukranian eskimo living in Canada. The maksymiak tribe crossed the Atlantic ocean in hand-made boats held together with logie (see logie definition).
The maksymiak was very proficient at clubbing baby seals.
by Testicleez July 27, 2006
A Canadian university student who has immigrated from Belarus (aka. Russia). Typically found drunk singing the Russian national anthem at local bars/pubs/family restaurants.
That guy is drunk on four beers - he's so obviously dmitri...
by Testicleez July 26, 2006
The singular variation of a loogie ("a wad of spit"). Often a logie can be found dribbling down the chin of the spitter given that there was simply not enough spittle to create a proper loogie, hence, a logie.
My mouth was dry when I logied the watermelon seed, only to have the seed stick to my chin.
by Testicleez July 27, 2006

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