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_____-American: Fill in the blank with whatever race you choose (except white).

A pandemic of political correctness gone seriously awry, due to the pussification of America.

A hyphenated American is anyone who takes up space on American soil who isn't white. Since one can no longer used terms like black, Negro, Chinaman, beaner, etc. we now have to say things like African-American, Mexican-American, Hispanic-American, Chinese-American, etc. ad-nauseam.

This phenomenon exists ironically despite the fact that all those people are still Americans, and only Americans! How can you be African and American? You can't. You're either African or American, not both. You can however be a black American (like a white American).

Of course, only non-whites can be hyphenated Americans, because white Americans are simply called Americans, no other term applies.
Those Negroes over there are called Negroes, not African-Americans. They've never even been to Africa, so how in the fuck can they call themselves African-Americans? I'm sick of all these hyphenated Americans. I don't parade around calling myself a European-American...that wouldn't make any sense considering Europe is a continent (not a race) that I've never been to. I'm American damn it! No more, no less! Where's the check box for American-American?
by Testeburger November 13, 2007
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