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2 definitions by Tescheniz

German word for: to be broken, wasted, exhausted etc.
All kind of things can be kaputt, also people.
If something is kaputt it doesn't work anymore.
"I can't go any further. I'm so kaputt"!
"Don't sit on the chair. It's kaputt"!

Two villagers to eatch other after the tornado has left:
"Is your roof also kaputt"?
"I don't know, I couldn't find it yet"!
by Tescheniz January 27, 2012
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If you understand 7 you understand the secret of life.
7 is nothing else than 1 !

Life is beyond words, comprehensible only in the nine digits we
know (1 - 9, 0 is not a digit, it's neutral).
The circle of life is 1 (Birth), 2 (Becoming), 3 (Ending).
It starts again with 4 (Birth), 5 (Becoming), 6 (Ending).
It starts again with 7 ....

So, 7 is the beginning, the same as 1 (and 4).
by tescheniz January 16, 2012
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