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When doing something in the best possible way, not cutting any corners.
Man A: "Bro, I'm on the boss level - Look at the size of it"
Man B: "Come on Bro, you can do it!"
Man A: "You know! I'm going full pint!"

- OR -

Man A: "Look what just walked in, I have to speak to her"
Man B: "Okay Bro but if you're gonna' go, be going full pint"
by Ternal August 23, 2010
A derogative term, usually for the female gender but also applies to weaker males. Used when no other word comes to mind, due to extream frustration or other higher emotions causing mental block.
(Man A has just been stood up by Girl A)

Man A: "Hey bro, Girl A is calling"
Man B: "Really?! What does that Honcho Bitch want?"
by Ternal February 08, 2009
When one must leave the main office to undertake a task which if completed in the office would be offensive or embarrassing. Such examples include leaving to loudly pass wind, belch, smoke, make a private phone call or some kind of physical relation/interaction with a colleague.

Usual locations include the car park, stationary cupboard, empty meeting rooms, rooftop and empty corridors.
Richard: "Hey, where's Paul gone?"
Stuart: "I don't know, actually...?"

- Sometime Later -

Paul: "Sorry, I'm back now!"
Richard: "Where did you go?"
Paul: "Epic Out of Office Experience!"
by Ternal April 28, 2011
This is when someones Avatar is "raped". Mostly used on X-Box Live but can also be applied to other areas of the internet. Much like fraped.

Prenounced: "ava-tray'pt"
Man A: "Bro, why are you black and wearing a sombrero?"
Man B: "I was out of the room making a drink, Avatraped".
by Ternal December 11, 2010

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