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1.) A device used to smoke weed using a metal piece (such as the metal at the end of a vcr connector cable or anything metal you can find that has a bowl), a cap that the metal piece is put into at the top (cut a hole for the metal in the cap), a propel or gatorade bottle in accordance with the cap (you screw the cap on the bottle), and a hole burned in the bottom of the bottle. Once you have assembled the gordon, place the weed in the metal bowl (you may have to put a piece of screen at the bottom of the bowl). Then, light the weed and and suck on the hole you made at the bottom of the bottle. Watch as the bottle fills with smoke. If there is smoke still in the bottle, you may remove the cap and hit the bottle from the top, an action known as "clearing the gordon". Evidence suggests that it was invented by hockey players.
2.) slang for weed
1.) Dude, lets go rip victory gordon!!!
2.) Holy shit, you gotta love gordon!
3.) Vicotry gordon is gonna be so sweet after we beat those serra fucks in the playoffs.
by Teppo February 26, 2007

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