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someone who pretends to be bisexual, someone who preteds to believe in something, but really doesn't and then is a complete hypocrit concerning those beliefs, dresses like a fag, and gets his stupid asshole friend to call someone else names. Basically a huge fake asshole who won't go anywhere in life.
Man1: I believe in solipisim.

Man2: Shut up you stupid douchebear!
by TenThousandThrones December 16, 2009
Once a month, a female will get cravings for chocolatey sweets. This will cause her to become cranky, or even enraged to the point of being a total bitch. More commonly known as PMS.
Man1 "What's her problem?"

Man2 "She's got chocolate fever..."
by TenThousandThrones January 15, 2010
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