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To give a child an common name with an incorrect spelling (such as Jorden for Jordan, Paeter for Peter, Mitchlll for Mitchell, etc.) to separate them from the pack.
The woman liked the sound of "Cameron", but not the spelling, so she decided to kammryynnize it.
by Teh Rote May 23, 2008
A runner who struggles on uphill terrain an even flat terrain, but sprints at high speeds upon hitting a downhill area. Downhill warriors are generally looked down upon by coaches and other runners, and it is customary to chant "Downhill warriors!" followed by five claps upon getting passed by one. As downhill sprinting can be tough on the joints, the practice is also medically discouraged.
I got passed by a downhill warrior on the first slope, but wound up passing him once he slwed down at the bottom.
by Teh Rote July 12, 2008
A running jargon term for one who runs slowly up hills and on flat surfaces, but sprints down hills. Downhill warriors are generally looked down upon by other runners, and discouraged by coaches, because excess downhill sprinting is bad on the knees.
I got passed by a downhill warrior around kilometer 3, but quickly caught up.
by Teh Rote August 01, 2008

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