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1. Television personality typically show only from the shoulders up.
2. Any memeber of the faux punk band Talking Heads
3. Mumbling during the act of cunninlingus.
1. Paula Zahn is nothing but a talking head.
2. Yes, Paula Zahn plays the cello, but she was never in Talking Heads.
3. I would give anything to give Paula Zahn talking head.
by teej October 16, 2003
The brain.
Your hardware and software seem to be fine, so I can only assume that your wetware is fucked up.
by teej October 16, 2003
The fond recollection of breast from bygone days. Contraction of mammary and memory.
"Thanks for the mammories!"
by teej October 16, 2003
Function. A non-word that is used by everyone who has ever done any thing with software.
This functionality will help you overcome the opportunity presented by your synergistic paradigm.
by teej October 16, 2003
the best punk band ever.
they kick ass.
by Teej April 28, 2003
1. Self-lovin'
2. Sexual relations with an automobile
1. Steve Murphy's Big Book of Autoerotica
2. Steve Murphy died in the act of autoerotica. Too bad he had to use the cigarette lighter socket.
by teej October 16, 2003
A PBS series surrounding the examination, valuation, and fraud identification of really old ball sacks.
"Git yer ass down here, the Antique Scrode Show live from Naples, Florida is about to start!"
by teej October 16, 2003

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