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An empty box of tissues used to unload masturbated seamen.
My girlfriend was completely disgusted to find my jizz box under the bed - I reminded her it's grosser to unload on the carpet.
by Tedro357 April 20, 2009
The point in a man's life when he must make decisions using reason and logic; not go after every hot chick even though it feels natural.
Friend #1: OMG look at that latin chick - her body is banging - dude, she's checking you out, go initiate a good night ending.

Friend #2: She does have a sweet booty, but I can't listen to my dick anymore - I've got a girlfriend.
by Tedro357 April 13, 2009
When a guy skips every base of being intimate and proceeds directly to anal sex.

Guy: Bro, I really like this girl but her breath stinks, so after dinner we just got naked and I anal mounted her.
by Tedro357 February 18, 2009
The female equivalent of a mu stash. Located directly above the female reproductive area a.k.a. the vagina.
After a day at the spa, my girlfriend returned with a well trimmed pussstash.
by Tedro357 March 28, 2009
An a-hole's overuse of the word 'like' while trying to express a thought.
A-hole: OMG like I was just at fashion week, it was like amazing. I tried to like tweet a pic of JayZ but my iphone zoom was like out of range or something.

Me: You're such a like-hole.
by Tedro357 February 16, 2009
Similar to a 'mental retardation', however, characterized by overuse of hip hop terms and showing little hope for in-depth cognitive function.
Caucasian blacktard: "Yo, I did fail dat math test but itz all good cause datz how I roll. lol"

Asian blacktard: "Fo real, these 22" rims will fit on my civic, playa, don't hate."

Grandpa: You can tell me about the concert without sounding like such a blacktard.
by Tedro357 February 16, 2009
To hit a bong type apparatus inside, near a window slightly open, because it's too cold to smoke outside or anywhere inside with windows fully open.
I thought about rolling a blunt but it's too cold out, so I just packed the bong and took a window-hit.
by Tedro357 February 16, 2009

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