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To Bum Off someone or something is to love it so much that you would have sex with it
You two Bum Off that film
by Teddy Hancock July 10, 2008
One who insists on driving an early model red sports car with Texas plates. Can usually be found warming up the engine by over revving before 9 am on Sunday mornings.
"What's that noise honey?"
"Go back to sleep dear, It's only the Texas faced sports cunt from upstairs"
by Teddy Hancock July 10, 2008
1. A Drunken Mess
2. One who drinks frequently and in large quantity.
3. One who drinks too much and is an embarrassment.

1. My daughter and her steamer mates
2. I am a steamer
3. My younger and very underage steamer daughter
by Teddy Hancock July 10, 2008
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