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Go to the bathroom; take a dump.
Dude, I gotta take a lean one
by Ted Servo May 07, 2009
An acronymn for "White Male Power Structure"
With all their rules and conventions -- School Systems and Corporations are the most obvious manifestations of the WiMPS.
by Ted Servo November 01, 2008
White Male Power Structure
With their suffocatingly oppressive rules and conventions, High Schools and Corporations are prime manifestations of the WiMPS.
by Ted Servo November 01, 2008
A pseudo-intellectual
With all his breast-beating and his quoting of brand-name intellectuals, he likes to give the impression that he is a high-minded individual concerned about society and politics. The truth is he does it only to impress girls and to garner fawning syncophants to stroke his ego. Otherwise, he really has no interest in others, no matter what they might bring to a conversation. That's why he's a pseudo-int.
by Ted Servo November 01, 2008
Porsche Asshole Driver Syndrome: It speaks for itself. Or more like...*he* speaks...*and* drives... for *himself*!
So a few weeks ago I was walking past the local Chevron station, when I heard a guy yell, "Fuck you!!!" I turned and looked at the gas pump island -- and saw that it was aguywithsunglasses screaming at the driver of a car getting gas. Something then crossed my mind....what car does this charming person drive? Well, how-de-day...guess what....you know it...it was...a...Porsche!!! Yes, once again PADS (Porsche Asshole Driver Syndrome) strikes!!!
by Ted Servo August 18, 2008

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