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A website that once hosted anime downloads (DemonFox.com), but now is relegated to domain "parking". The name was created based on Kyuubi from the series Naruto. Kyuubi is a demonlike chakra-beast, a nine-tailed fox that inhabits the boy ninja Naruto.
DemonFox is the shiznit for having so many anime series downloads!
by TechKnight July 22, 2008
TechKnight, or "Tech Knight", is the title and IM username for the superhero character Xen. Xen is a genius, tech-savvy high schooler named Jake Everett who created a nearly invincible, futuristic armor suit with money from his online and offline entrepeneurships. He fights crime in his hometown - New York City - and globally, all without any recognition.
Jake lives the normal life of a high schooler by day, but defends the innocent by night as Xen, the TechKnight.
by TechKnight July 22, 2008

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